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Roger Bradbury Photography

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Expert property photography

Roger has been a photographer for many years and now offers a professional property photography service in Milton Keynes and the surrounding area. He will make your house stand out in the crowd.

Roger uses a high grade ultra wide angle lens to give an accurate impression of room size. Straight lines are rendered as straight, not bowed, and verticals are true and parallel. He also uses off camera flash guns to ensure that the room is well lit and takes care to see that each photo is well composed with accurate colours. Photos are sharp and full of detail.

The result of this meticulous approach is the most pleasing impression of each room, and so the whole house.

Photographs are the first impression a buyer gets of a house, and first impressions count.

Fees (2017) are 135 for a typical two, three, or four bedroom house, with up to 15 photographs.

Contact: Roger Bradbury Photography: 07851 302724

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