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The water on-off switch

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The Surestop - a water on-off switch

If you don’t know where your stop cock is or are getting a bit past accessing and turning it a conveniently placed water on-off switch is just the gadget you need.

The switch is about the size of a regular light switch and operates in just the same way, except the ‘cable’ to it actually contains a pair of small water pipes which uses the water pressure to turn the main supply on and off. This means they operate without the need for electricity or batteries. They are not hard to press so most people, even those of a ripe age, can use them.

The trade name for the device is a Surestop and they are made in Birmingham UK. They are reasonably straightforward to install and most models come with both a pipe based and remote switch, which can be located up to 6m (with extensions) from the fitting on the water main. The standard pack contains a 2m remote connection.

Standard pipe size is 15mm. Occasionally 22mm pipe is encountered in which case a different (and a little more expensive) SureStop is needed.

If the pipework is readily accessible installation time is typically around 1 hour. The installer does need to be able to turn off the water supply and enough accessible and hopefully straight pipe run (from about 0.5m) between the existing stop cock and any pipe junctions is required. If you have a ‘tee’ junction in the pipework immediately after the existing stop cock, pipework alterations will be needed. A 50plus plumber will advise.

Image courtesy of Surestop Ltd, Birmingham, UK. Surestop is a trademark of Surestop Ltd.


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