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Welcome to Spring

Spring is here in all its glory. As I write we have waning winter pansies, later daffodils, primroses, magnolia, forsythia, grape hyacinth and the early hawthorn out with bluebells and tulips on the way, trees budding and birds and those dang squirrels beavering away with nests and first broods. It’s a pleasure to watch, even if the squirrels have just eaten through another bird feeder in their never ending but entertaining quest for food. Somewhat more of a chore is the start of the lawn cutting and strimming season but what would England be without the well manicured grass and weekend sound of mowers and more recently patio cleaners.

Through the last winter replacing kitchen appliances seems to have been a particularly favourite activity amongst 50plus customers and we’ve had to assist in quite a number of cases where the installer has looked, sucked his breath in and said something along the lines ‘oh, I’m not sure we can do this’. The reason is that supplier’s installation people follow a set of rules when fitting appliances and any installation which doesn’t meet the criteria gets the thumbs down, particularly it seems to be if is towards the end of the day. It’s best that you the customer understand the rules before purchasing so we’ve included an article to explain these.

Spring marks the start of the external works season so now is the time to take a good look outside, check fencing, paintwork, garden lights, patios and anywhere the ravages of winter means some TLC is needed.

As always if you have any comment on any of the magazine content do let us know. Just drop us an email. There’s a contact-us link at the bottom of this page.

Finally we include a thank you letter (right). It was very nice to receive it so a big thank you to the sender - you know who you are!

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