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The new Community Help service

Those of you who visit our web site from time to time will have noticed that we now include Community Help in our name. This is to reflect the increasingly local and broader nature of our services.

You can now book many 50plus Community Help services on-line with access to staff calendars, so you can see when we are free at a date and time which suits you. We also provide guides to how long jobs take. The good news is that in an age of increasing automation we remain very happy to talk to you and provide advice.

Much has been written of late of the problems with our ageing population and helping people stay in their homes. Our hope in expanding our services within the Community Help brand is that we can contribute to this laudable aim. By building a network of local personnel who can undertake a broad range of tasks we should be able to assist with making life that much easier for a broad spectrum of the poulation. If you can help or know of people who can ask them to get in touch with us.

Our magazine with articles and advice will become a regular feature. If you have any comment or wish to contribute do let us know. Just drop us an email. There’s a contact-us link at the bottom of this page.

Finally we include a thank you letter (right). It was very nice to receive it at Christmas so a big thank you to the sender - you know who you are!

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