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The 50plus essential home plumbing and electrical guides

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These essential guides to UK home plumbing and electrical installations are designed for use by both repair and DIY personnel.

They cover the areas where the vast majority of faults occur and explain how systems work, what to look for and how to fault find.

Both books are written in concise text with minimal technical terminology clearly explained.

The plumbing guide is 65 pages and contains 30 full colour figures, diagrams and photographs to show how systems work and their configuration.

The electrical guide is now on its 2nd edition and 87 pages long with 27 figures, diagrams and photographs and includes clear information on use of test equipment and interpreting readings. A new section on storage heaters has been added.

Both books contain a set of summaries at the end to provide a useful aide memoir.

Each book is A5 ring bound with thick frosted covers and printed on high quality gloss paper. Books are priced at just £7.99 each or £14.49 for the pair. UK postage and packing is free. Please call us for shipping to worldwide locations.

Order on line or by phone by calling 0845 22 50 495 (or 01494 784 448) during business hours. The books are also available on Amazon.

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View index

Order both books for just £14.49

Thank you for shopping with 50plus. If you have placed an order on-line we will deliver your book(s) shortly. Dispatch is next working day. You can contact us by phone, email or post.





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