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Service and communication standards

50plus expects Helpers to offer customers the very best of service, starting from the initial point of contact through to billing. The expectations are that:

  • Communications are answered within two working days and preferably within 24 hrs
  • That any estimates or reports are provided within 5 working days unless otherwise agreed.

That Helpers:

  • Only charge for the time spent on the job or on associated activities e.g. material collection
  • Spend only reasonable time collecting materials and inform customers if such time is likely to exceed 1 hr
  • Notify customers of absence from the job
  • If charging on site work do not charge for tea, coffee, meal breaks or for time spent on the telephone unless job related
  • Present a written correctly completed invoice to the customer on completion of the works against which the customer may pay or if a pre-paid / account customer retain for their records
  • Never undertake unnecessary work
  • Be polite, courteous, dress appropriately and maintain vehicles in a safe and clean condition.

Nobody wants recalls but from time to time they are inevitable. Helpers are expected to attend a recall free of charge or where there is failure of workmanship or materials provided by the Helper. In the unlikely event of a dispute 50plus Help will attempt to reconcile the parties.

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