The cost to change a ball valve in a toilet cistern

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What are we talking about? How long does it typically take to replace a ball valve in a toilet cistern?
Typical time Up to 1 hr
Dependencies Being able to turn the water off
Questions to ask Is there an isolating valve? If not does the customer know where the main stop cock is? Is there a roof tank (in older properties toilets were often fed from the roof tank). Make sure the cistern is accessible. In some modern properties they are boxed in and /or tiled in which case the main task is getting access!


Replacing a ball valve is a simple task as long as the water to the valve can be turned off and there is ready access! If an isolating valve has been fitted (often the case if it's in a loo cistern) then the work is made much easier. If not turning off the supply at the stop cock or roof tank is required.

Stop cocks are the culprits which can turn this simple job into something longer winded. In many cases, particularly in hard water areas, it's just as simple to replace the entire ball valve mechanism than just the washer as the cost of the mechanism is small. Remember that if the tank is in the loft then access is needed (clear that space!) and if there's no light the plumber or handyman will have to supply some.







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