The cost to replace an extractor fan

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What are we talking about? How long does it typically take to fit a replacement extractor fan?
Typical time 1 hour or less

Power to the lighting circuit needs to be turned off. A replacement model needs to be available.

Questions to ask Extractor fans come in different sizes, can be ceiling or wall mounted and some are fitted in-line in the ducting in the roof space. Check what the fitting is and if possible get the make and model or failing this the approximate size.


This is a straightforward job providing that the replacement model is available or if not a similar fitting can be obtained. If it's an in-line fan in the ceiling access needs to be available - clear that loft out! If possible it's far quicker in all cases if the customer has obtained the replacement fan.

Fans occasionally fail due to water ingress from damaged roof fittings. We would notify the customer if this was found to be the case







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