The cost of fitting a garden tap

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What are we talking about? How long does it typically take to install a garden tap?
Typical time

If on an outside wall immediately behind a water source (e.g. under the kitchen sink) from 1 to 1.5 hrs assuming parts are on site

Dependencies Being able to turn the water off, access and space under the sink
Questions to ask Does the customer know where the main stop cock is? The location of the outside tap relative to a water source. If the tap is going to be some distance away then pipe runs and winter drain down to prevent freezing need considering.

For outside taps immediately behind the kitchen sink (very common) the task is to drill a hole through the wall (and potentially the back of a kitchen cabinet), install the tap on the wall outside and connect a feed to the main cold water supply via a check and isolating valve. To do this space and access to pipes under the sink are required as well as being able to turn off the cold supply.

For taps going some way from an existing supply a site visit is often required to assess a pipe route.







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