The cost to to clean out a gutter

A 50plus guide to the cost of maintenance and repair work

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What are we talking about? How long does it typically take to:
  • Clean out debris and clean the gutter
  • Stop drips.
Typical time From 1 hr for simple access on a small property
Dependencies Access, safe working, property size
Questions to ask Size of property, access, are there extensions, conservatories?

Cleaning out a gutter means accessing it, using a variety of tools to remove the debris and often wiping down the outside. Most uPVC gutters have a long life but can come unclipped and sometimes suffer from deteriorated joint seals. Such minor repairs can be undertaken whilst the gutter is cleaned. Cast iron gutters need good maintenance and can need joints resealing. Lightweight metallic gutters often needs joints resealing. Many people choose to replace cast iron / metallic gutters with plastic.

If there are trees in the vicinity of a gutter, leaf guards will prevent downpipes blocking but conversely will need cleaning out themselves on a regular basis. If a feed to a water butt is in place these can also become blocked with tree debris and need regular maintenance.

Do remember safe access is required to gutters. Conservatories and extensions can prevent access in which case scaffold or a hydraulic platform may be needed. The time required to do the job is dependent on the amount of gutter to be cleaned out, the amount of debris and the available access.

For gutter replacement please contact us and we can arrange an estimate.

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