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Core services

50plus provides two core services for agents and landlords:

  1. The 50plus one stop online, optional call handling and management service
  2. 50plus maintenance and certification service
Landlords - letting your home or a room?
Read the short essential guide for landlords here.

1. The 50plus one stop service for agents and landlords

50plus offers letting agents, management companies and landlords a tailored set of services with selectable features including:

  • Agent or 50plus badged online repair request
  • Online tenant advice to reduce call outs
  • Optional repair request call handling, including out of hours
  • Use of existing preferred contractors if required
  • Landlord authorisation at specified expenditure ceilings
  • Available in specific geographic areas - please check with us

The service includes:

Intuitive tenant fault reporting with built in advice features to reduce call outs. Repair requests routed to 50plus or agent
Optional local number with time of day routing to enable agent/50plus call handing variable by time of day and day of week
Repair request job tracking and reporting with field staff management
Optional use of existing and/or 50plus field staff.


Information on costs and options is available by contacting us.

Who provides the service

The service is provided by the 50plus central call and online handling centre with local field staffing by direct employees or appointed 50plus franchisees.

Where we offer service

Please contact us to check availability of this service in your area. Telephone numbers are at the head of this page. Alternatively email us by clicking here.

2. 50plus maintenance and certification services


50plus offers landlords, letting agencies and management companies a tailored set of services designed for both commercial and private landlords and their agents. The service includes:


Problem solving
Whatever the problem we'll have our own experts or trusted third parties to solve it. Where circumstances dictate we'll undertake an investigation and produce a report in the first instance.
Investigation and reports
Where required 50plus will not only undertake the necessary repairs but can also document what is needed and why, supporting landlords and agents in constraining costs, making insurance claims and managing tenants
50plus repairs
50plus plumbers, electricians, handyman, drainage experts, decorators and more get problems fixed, fast and our offices will book appointments with your tenants
Project management
Where larger repairs are needed, 50plus will project manage works, keeping the landlord, agent and tenants informed of activities whilst carefully managing the on-site workforce.
Required certification

Gas certification

50plus Gas Safe registered personnel will inspect and certify gas appliances in a let property annually.

Energy Performance Certification

Properties being marketed for rent require an EPC. 50plus will undertake EPCs. Certificates will be valid for 10 Years from the date of registration.

Other certification and mandated risk assessment

Testing of smoke and CO alarms

Landlords are required in law to ensure that working smoke and carbon monoxide alarms are installed and tested in rental properties in England. The legislation came into effect in October 2015. An overview of the requirements is shown here.


Electrical certification

Although there is no formally required certificate for electricity, 'all electrical circuits and appliances should be safe for use to the best of the landlords and agents knowledge.' 50plus typically provides a combined Landlords Electrical Safety fixed wiring and PAT (appliance) test certificate which we recommend is undertaken once every three years or at a change of tenancy. We can also provide a full Electrical Installation Condition Report (previously called a Periodic Inspection Report)or as now required by some local authorities and agencies. Check with 50plus for more information and advice or order on-line here. Read the Electrical Safety Council guide here.

Legionella prevention

Although there is no formally required certificate for legionella risk, the HSE states "Landlords who provide residential accommodation, as the person in control of the premises or responsible for the water systems in their premises, have a legal duty to ensure that the risk of exposure of tenants to legionella is properly assessed and controlled. This duty extends to residents, guests, tenants and customers. They can carry out a risk assessment themselves if they are competent, or employ somebody who is."

50plus provides a legionella risk assessment service for landlords who do not wish to undertake this themselves. This includes advising on and where required undertaking the HSE recommended simple control measures such as:

  • Flushing out the system before letting the property
  • Avoiding debris getting into the system (e.g ensure the cold water tanks, where fitted, have a tight-fitting lid)
  • Setting control parameters (e.g setting the temperature of the calorifier to ensure water is stored at 60 °C)
  • Making sure any redundant pipework identified is removed
  • Management of premises which are void for a period
  • Advise on any actions arising from the findings of the risk assessment.

50plus also provides documentation for landlords to advise tenants of the need to inform the landlord if the hot water is not heating properly or if there are any other problems with the system, so that appropriate action can be taken.

Read the short HSE residential guidance here. Read the full HSE advice here.

The general 50plus maintenance services consisting of..........
Advice on condensation issues , a particular problem is the autumn (fall) and winter. There's good basic advice from NHBC available here
Plumbing; from tap washers to new showers & bathrooms
Electrical; from minor repairs to new sockets and lights including works requiring Part P notification
Gas; boilers and appliance installation and servicing (check for coverage)
Fixing curtain rails, hanging doors, assembling furniture
Internal and external painting and decorating
General maintenance inside and outside your premises
and more including fitting plasma screens, laying flooring.....

Please note that not all services are available in all areas, do check with us for details.

Landlords and letting agents can choose:

  • A Pay As You Go service with a simple half hourly rate for the smaller jobs
  • Fixed prices for jobs we can reasonably estimate which are over 8 man hours in duration.


Information on costs is available by keying in the location where work is required on our home page. You can also obtain information about how long jobs take on our 'how much?' pages.

There is no call out fee and no mileage charge.

You can pay by credit/debit card, bank transfer or cheque..

Who provides the service

The service is provided locally by direct employees or appointed 50plus franchisees. Many are trained engineers. An exception is gas engineers who are contractors as they need to be Gas Safe registered. 50plus itself is registered for electrical work.

Where we offer service

We cover a good deal of England. Please click here to check service in your area.

How to obtain service

To obtain service please book online or telephone 50plus on 0845 22 50 495 or one of our local numbers between 9am and 5:30pm week days with messages taken outside these hours or if the lines are all busy.

It is helpful if you can give us some advance notice of your requirements.

Why Choose 50plus?

  • Professional service
  • Experienced mature personnel
  • Central support for field staff
  • Undertakes a range of works
  • Fully insured
  • Age Positive Employer Champion
  • Range of locations.







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