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All about LED lighting

We have a mission and it's a simple one; to get consumers to switch to using LED lighting. It is undoubtedly not only the future but increasingly the present. It has already transformed commercial lighting and is coming to transform our homes, saving vast amounts of energy and resulting in lower household bills. LEDs use only around 10% of energy compared with a traditional bulb, last for typically 25,000 plus hours, are available in a relaxing warm white colour like traditional bulbs or brighter whites and like traditional bulbs come on instantly.

How to switch

Supply only

Bulbs delivered direct to UK addresses from our supplier CPC.

Select your bulbs from CPC directly or get help from our online assistant.

Onsite bulb survey We'll visit your property and help you decide the best bulbs to change. £35 inc VAT. Book here.
Supply and fit bulbs

Order any or all of:

  • An onsite survey
  • Bulb supply
  • Fitting of bulbs.

Site visits (onsite survey; fitting of bulbs) cost £35 inc VAT each. Bulbs at cost plus 20%. Book here.

Accessories Electrical work including light fittings, dimmers and more. Book here.


About the switch

The switch to LEDs is relatively straightforward. Most 240 volt traditional, halogen and compact fluorescent bulbs can simply be replaced with LED bulbs. A little technical knowledge is needed where dimmers or low voltage halogens using power supplies (transformers or drivers) are involved but it's not a stumbling block. If you have a traditional 60 watt light bulb in use for 4 hours a day, changing it will save you upwards of £50 over five years; 10 bulbs = £500 (assumed cost of electricity 13p/kWh - you may be paying more). It's not dissimilar for many halogen bulbs and even if some bulbs are in use for less time savings should be at least £350. And this assumes electricity prices don't increase.

Don't confuse LEDs with the CFL (compact fluorescent) bulbs. CFLs are the ones that take time to 'warm up' and have mercury content, something that LEDs, which are based on semiconductors, don't have.



More information

You can read more about LEDs and lighting here including information on bulb styles, bulb bases, lumens, colour temperature, dimming LEDS, changing low voltage bulbs and more.

Contact 50plus for advice and information. For a step by step guide to selecting LED bulbs read the instructions here.




The LED lighting service is an extension the the 50plus electrical service and offers a range of works focussed on upgrading to LED lighting.

50plus has a client base of commercial and domestic customers and are experienced in small works, fault finding and refurbishment.

The 50plus Electrical service includes:

Small works - from minor repairs to new sockets and lights including works requiring Part P notification
Installations of new circuits inside , outside and e.g. garden buildings.
Fault finding - we can often get your power back on through simple telephone instructions. Remember to try our self help guide here
consumer unit
Replacement consumer units. Up to date 17th edition consumer units for safety and convenience
certificate 1
Homeowners and landlords tests so you can know that the electrical installation is safe. Combined with PAT tests for landlords
certificate 2

Periodic Inspection Reports (now called Electrical Installation Condition Reports) for a more detailed inspection and test of installations

PAT lable
PAT testing (portable appliance tests)

Service Packages

50plus has electrical service packages tailored for most customers including free estimates and advice, problem solving, fault finding, installation design, PAT testing and:

For domestic customers, landlords and letting agents:

  • A Pay As You Go service with a simple half hourly rate for the smaller jobs
  • Estimates for jobs we can reasonably estimate which are over 8 man hours in duration
  • Electrical certificates and more for landlords and letting agents. Click for further information.

For commercial customers:

  • A Pay As You Go service with a simple half hourly rate for the smaller jobs
  • Estimates for jobs we can reasonably estimate which are over 8 man hours in duration
  • Tailored packages with rates dependent on time of response and the time of day the work is undertaken
  • Installation services for customers supplying goods or equipment that needs installing in customer premises
  • Preventative maintenance programmes and project management.

Customers may pay by credit/debit card.

To view our full terms and conditions please click here.

Who provides the service

The service is provided locally by direct employees and associates.


Estimates are normally provided free of charge. Smaller jobs of up to a day in duration will normally be estimated over the telephone. Larger jobs may require a visit to enable an estimate to be provided.

How to obtain service

To obtain service please book online or telephone 50plus Electrical on 0845 22 50 495 or one of our local numbers between 9am and 5:30pm week days with messages taken outside these hours or if the lines are all busy.

It is helpful if you can give us some advance notice of your requirements.

Why Choose 50plus?

  • Professional service
  • Experienced personnel
  • Central support for field staff
  • Undertakes a range of works
  • Fully insured
  • Age Positive Employer Champion
  • Range of locations.

Questions? Please call 0845 22 50 495 or one of our local numbers.

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