Seasons greetings and a little guidance

Tis the season to be jolly – again! Enjoy the Christmas and New Year break. A winter edition of the magazine will be published in January. In the meantime a few hints a guidance for the holiday period.

We advise checking / dealing with / knowing about a few things over before the holiday period including:

Reading the emergency advice which is available on the main section of our web site.  It’s worth a read through so in the unlikely event of a problem you know what to do.

Dealing with minor leaks such as dripping taps or radiator connections: get them fixed before they become a problem. Dripping taps will never fix themselves and in a hard water area a running tap will erode the tap base, making a new tap a necessity. 

Know how to isolate water. That includes your main stop cock and knowing how to turn off water to taps and toilets individually where isolation valves have been fitted.

Boiler pressure if you have a ‘combi’. Know how to top up your combi boiler water pressure and if you don’t know find out now. If you are a landlord make sure your tenants know how to do it. Low pressure means the boiler will automatically shut down meaning no heating or hot water.

Get any ‘dodgy’ electrics dealt with, particularly anything external including lights. Modern fuse boxed (consumer units) include great protection but if water gets in somewhere they will switch the power off. There’s nothing worse than a power outage just when you turn the oven on.

If you need us we’ll be closing on December 22nd, reopening on January 2nd. We will check messages (telephone and email) early on Christmas Eve and between Christmas and the New Year but most of our service providers and helpers will be taking a well deserved break. We hope you enjoy yours.

The 50plus Team

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