Tenant maintenance requests

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Report by telephone: 01494 378 014 (routes to emergency support service out of hours)



Welcome to the Potter and Ford tenant maintenance reporting portal.

The simplest way to report a problem at any time is to use our fault reporting the easy way at the base of this page. You can also report a problem by telephone on the number above. Out of hours calls will transfer to our emergency team.

How to use this site

  • Read the self help guides below
  • If you still have a problem use fault reporting the easy way at the bottom of this page
  • If you have any questions about an ongoing repair call 01494 77 88 44 during business hours.

Please remember that a number of items are your (the tenants) responsibility including:

  • Light bulbs
  • Re-pressurising a boiler (if a filling loop or tap is available)
  • Blockages in filters e.g. coins/hair clips in washing machines
  • Blockages in waste pipes e.g. kitchen sink blockage caused by tenants
  • Changing smoke alarm batteries
  • Broken items caused by tenant misuse or accidents e.g. windows

Self help guides

Read the self help guides FIRST; you may be asked about what you have done by the maintenance team.
Select from this list:

You have an emergency?

If you can smell gas call the emergency gas number 0800 111 999.

Any non-gas emergency is a fault which is a risk to persons or will cause further damage to property. Calling out of hours for a non-emergency may result in a charge (from £50) being incurred by the tenant. If you have a power outage or leak read the electrical or plumbing self help guide first. Lack of hot water is not an emergency and should be reported online.

Fault reporting the easy way

Please select the type of fault you are reporting



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