The 50plus

Service Provider's code of conduct

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Service and communication standards

50plus expects Service Providers to offer customers the very best of service, starting from the initial point of contact through to billing. The expectations are that:

That Service Providers:

Nobody wants recalls but from time to time they are inevitable. Service Providers are expected to attend a recall free of charge or where there is failure of workmanship or materials provided by the Service Provider. In the unlikely event of a dispute 50plus Help will attempt to reconcile the parties.

Customer relationship

A customer who comes to 50plus as a result of marketing through 50plus branded advertising or communication (online or in print) or through seeing a van logo or other form of advertisement is and remains a customer of 50plus. Service providers may not contract directly with such customers at any time, whether it is a first or repeat booking. A service provider must declare and direct such jobs to the 50plus office and charge the rates set by the office.

A non-PAYE employed service provider may substitute another person to provide the service as long as that person is (i) competent to undertake the works in question, (ii) is listed on the 50plus service provider database prior to work being undertaken (iii) has provided information to the office to enable the change of service provider to be notified to the customer (iv) has been made aware of the 50plus Health and Safety policy and (v) where required has a DBS check.

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