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This page provides information on working with 50plus Help. As a team we seek to deliver excellent customer service whilst offering the opportunity for our Service Providers to support their local community and in return be suitable rewarded. Whilst you need to able work on your own initiative the 50plus Help office is always willing to provide support.

Getting more work

It helps you win work if:

If you need advice on any of these matters please email the 50plus Help office.


Service Providers need their own public liability insurance. For most Service Providers this is inexpensive. Contact the 50plus office if you need pointing in the direction of a broker. If you offer plumbing, electrical and some professional services works you will require insurance suitable for the specific service. Please check with us if in doubt.

Letting 50plus Help know your availability

If you have chosen to share a Google calendar with 50plus you must keep it up to date.

Receiving jobs

You will receive jobs by email except for urgent work in which case we may call or text you. The email should contain all the information you need about the job and the customer. If there is no booked date call the customer within 24 hours to make a booking. The customer will have received a copy if they have email (or if no email a text to a mobile) meaning they have a link to and should have read our terms and conditions and charges. For customers with no email or text be prepared to show them a copy of our terms on paper. When you have completed the work take payment as set out below.

Who are the parties to the contract

The parties to the contract are the Service Provider and the customer who is contracting the Service Provider to undertake works. 50plus Help acts as an intermediary to bring the parties together.

Charging the customer

The charge rates to customers are based on the rate agreed with you and set by The 50plus office and visible on the 50plus Help web site and when you are logged in on the Service Provider menu page. The customer charge is made up of the rate set plus the 50plus Help margin plus VAT on the margin. If you are ever unsure about what to charge firstly look at the job shhet, secondly log in and use the charge tables on teh Service provder menu or, should you stlll need help, call the office who will be able to assist you (Monday to Friday office hours). The 50plus Help margin is a variable dependent on a number of factors including the type of work, the location and volume of business but typically 70% of the post VAT fee goes to the Service Provider. The margin allows 50plus Help to promote and operate the service. 50plus provides branded (no carbon required) invoice books for frequent users. These are available from the 50plus office at £9.00. The cost is deducted from your job payments.

Credit or debit card is the first choice for taking payment. The simplest way is to call the 50plus office who will take payment over the telephone (office hours). Alternatively payment can be made via the 50plus Help web site. In both cases the customer will receive an automated email receipt, assuming they have email. If the customer does not have email you can use the printed job instruction to provide a receipt or a 50plus invoice book if you have one. The second choice is electronic fund transfer. The customer can call us for bank details. The third choices for payment is cheque, in which case we will ask you to deposit it in a convenient bank. Cash is no longer accepted and any cash transactions will invalidate the 50plus job warranty. 

Telling the 50plus Help office what you have charged

Complete the financial details of a job using the online job details accessible through your log-on. This and the receipt of the payment by the office allows you to get paid.

Getting paid

50plus Help pays to you (as a Service Provider) the fees charges to the customer less the 50plus Help margin and the VAT on the margin, which we pay to the Government.

Materials you purchase and consumables used are charged to the customer at cost +20%. Reasonable time to obtain materials is chargeable to customers. The purchase cost of materials is reimbursed to you at the same time the labour charge is paid and is at cost plus circa 9%.

Payments for all work is direct to your bank on the 15th of each month or the next working day.

Information 50plus Help needs about you

The 50plus Help office will need the following personal details. These can be emailed. They are not kept on the online database, only within the office:

National Insurance number
Date of birth
DBS copy where you have chosen to supply one. See this external government site
Bank account sort code and account number
Insurance details if requested.

Other checks and information

Please check your contact details are correct on the database. These can be accessed from the page you reach after logging in.

Take time to go through the 50plus Help and if appropriate the 50plus plumbing electrical and handyman website, for example 'How long example jobs take and hence what they will cost here.

Contact details for the office are available here.


A brief summary of the process (where the customer has email)

Job booked and emailed to you with separate email copy to customer
You print the the form and can use it as an estimate if site revision is required
Customers pays by card - Worldpay email a receipt (optional receipt from office)
You complete the job financial details online
50plus Help accounts check your information and Worldpay/bank info and correlate
50plus Help accounts run your Service Provider report to calculates monies due
You are paid (monthly)
Job closed