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This page provides information on working with 50plus. As a team we seek to deliver excellent customer service. Whilst you need to able work on your own initiative the 50plus office is always willing to provide support.

Letting 50plus know your availability

If you have been asked to utilise a 50plus online diary you must keep it up to date. You will be provided with the relevant online address. Set this as a bookmark and check and update at least once a day.

Receiving jobs

You will receive jobs by email except for urgent work in which case we may call or text you. The email should contain all the information you need about the job and the customer. If there is no booked date call the customer within 24 hours to make a booking. Please print the job emails and take a copy with you to site. The customer will have received a copy if they have email (or if no email a text to a mobile) meaning they have a link to and should have read our terms and conditions and charges. For customers with no email or text be prepared to show them a copy of our terms on paper. When you have completed the work take payment as set out below.

You will be able to use the emailed form for providing any revised estimate to PAYG (pay as you go) customers before starting the job and to provide the customer with revised charging information. 

Charging the customer

The charge rates to customers are those detailed here, on 'pay as you go' jobs when they are issued and for you personally (assuming you have published prices) on the Service Provider menu when you are logged in.

The first choice for taking payment is by credit or debit card over the phone to the 50plus office . In this case the customer will receive an automated email receipt, assuming they have email. If the customer does not have email you can use the provided triple copy book to provide a paper receipt. The second choice for payment is cheque, in which case we will ask you to deposit it in a convenient bank. Cash is a fallback and should only be accepted as a last resort. You will need to be deposit it in a bank. 

Telling the 50plus office what you have charged

Complete the financial details of a job using the online job details accessible through your log-on. This and the receipt of the payment by the office allows you to get paid.

Getting paid

For self-employed roles and staff who are paid per job, 50plus pays to you (as a Service Provider) the agreed percentage of labour revenue earned, this will vary between Handyman and P+E rates depending on the job in question, you will also receive an estimator bonus when an estimate you have carried out results in a job. Payment to you is made only when a customer has paid 50plus.

Materials you purchase and consumables used are charged to the customer at cost +20%. Reasonable time to obtain materials is chargeable to customers. The purchase cost of materials is reimbursed to you at the same time the labour charge is paid and is at cost plus 10% if you fund the purchase yourself. If you utilise materials purchased by the office obtain the cost from the office.

Payment due is direct to your bank on the 15th of each month or the next working day.

Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) tax deductions (typically 20%) are usually applied to your earnings (labour only). 50plus provides a CIS statement each time you are paid.

Customer relationship

A customer who comes to 50plus as a result of marketing through 50plus branded advertising or communication (online or in print) or through seeing a van logo or other form of advertisement is and remains a customer of 50plus. Service providers may not contract directly with such customers at any time, whether it is a first or repeat booking. A Service Provider must declare and direct such jobs to the 50plus office and charge the rates set by the office.

An non-PAYE employed Service Provider may substitute another person to provide the service as long as that person is (i) competent to undertake the works in question, (ii) is listed on the 50plus Service Provider database prior to work being undertaken (iii) has provided information to the office to enable the change of Service Provider to be notified to the customer (iv) has been made aware of the 50plus Health and Safety policy and (v) where required has a DBS check.

Information 50plus needs about you

The 50plus office will need the following personal details. These can be emailed. They are not kept on the online database, only within the office:

National Insurance number
HMRC UTR number
Date of birth
DBS copy where requested. See this external government site
Driving License copy
Bank account sort code and account number
Chest size for workwear where requested.

Other checks and information

Unless you have been notified otherwise, insurance cover is provided by the 50plus franchise for whom your are working, which may be the head office or another franchise. Personnel providing gas services must have their own insurance cover.

Please check your contact details are correct on the database. These can be accessed from the page you reach after logging in.

Take time to go through the 50plus website, for example 'How long example jobs take and hence what they will cost here.

Contact details for the office are available here.


A brief summary of the process (where the customer has email)

Customer request - email and other details captured
Job booked and emailed to you with separate email copy to customer
You print the the form and can use it as an estimate if site revision is required
Customers pays by card - Worldpay email a receipt (optional receipt from office)
You complete the job financial details online
50plus accounts check your information and Worldpay/bank info and correlate
50plus accounts run your service provider report to calculates monies due
You are paid (monthly)
Job closed