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Become a Service Provider (company)

Help is available on 0845 22 50 495 or one of our local numbers during business hours.

Becoming a Helping company gives you the ability to undertake jobs requested by customers. You become a Helping company by completing the form below. 50plus takes care of the sales and marketing, financial settlement and has an online booking system allowing you to work when and only when you want to and at a rate set by you.

Helping companies are booked by customers who see the company's initials, service offered, skill set and charges. Only customers in the operating area selected by you as part of the registration process will see your information and be able to book you. Once booked you receive an automatic email notification of the booking with the full details of the customer and the requested job.

Once 50plus has your information it will be checked and if all is well you will be authorised on the 50plus Help platform. We'll contact you about the most appropriate fee system (finders fee or percentage) and the best booking system for you.

A detailed view of how 50plus works from the Helping company's perspective is included in the 'How the system works page' accessible from the Service Provider menu on your left, once you have registered.

We can if required register you over the telephone. Call us to take this option. We'll go through the form with you.

Create Service Provider company account - information can be edited later

First Name 
Last Name 
Initials (max 3 letters) 
Company name 
Number of employees (aprox) 
Fixed telephone if available 
Mobile phone 
Short service description (e.g plumbing, handyman, cleaner, gas services, gardening services etc.) 
Skill summary (e.g. installation and repair of plumbing and heating systems; broad range of handyman services) 
Start Date     
These next simple steps will help you determine the area where you will offer your services. Either:
  • Describe an operational area (e.g South Bucks) or
  • Click here to see what a specific radius (e.g 10 miles / 16Km) looks like around your address or
  • Click here to draw a user defined area around your address and get a list of the postcodes covered

  • If you use the mapping tools just capture the information to add to the next part of the form.
Operational area e.g. South Bucks and /or 
Radius (miles) served around your address and /or 
Postcodes served 

Add any other information that may you fell may be be helpful, e.g. if you are VAT registered let us know here.
Chose a password. This must be a minimum of 6 characters 
Now click 'create'. You can edit the information later