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Our vision is simple, to provide a service where anyone at home or in business can reliably call on someone to help out with a broad range of tasks with the minimum of fuss. We know a thing or two about providing services, we have been in business since 2001.

We are different - it's all about the service

50plus Help is different to the vast majority of 'trade' web sites and far more than an intermediary between the customer and the service provider. We have our own service delivery staff in a number of areas, experts in our head office to provide support to customers and service providers and we take responsibility for the work undertaken. In the majority of cases we provide our customers with timed appointments. We also provide a broad range of specialised services, technical and practical support to both our customers and service providers. To put it simply: it's all about the service. Join us, have some fun, earn and help us deliver our vision.

Service Providers and Service Provider companies deliver a broad range of services to our customer base. We are seeking trade professionals, general Service Providers and companies from a range of backgrounds who can work as much as they'd like to where they'd like to. The service offered can be simple or complex. Capable part time personnel are as welcome as trade professionals and companies.

As a Service Provider can offer to undertake simple tasks to assist those who can't or don't have time, be a plumber, electrician, handyman or women, decorator, gardener, shopper, cleaner, tutor or offer specialist expertise. Our Service Providers, whatever their field, offer a great service to our customers in conjunction with 50plus Help.

50plus provides a great platform for you

Service Provider requirements

50plus Service Providers, whatever their field, offer a great service to our customers in conjunction with 50plus Help. Service Providers need to be honest and professional in their approach and well organised with a strong service ethic. All Service Providers are bound by the 50plus Help code of conduct. Please take two minutes to read it.

Trade Service Providers, qualifications wise:

All Service Providers need public liability insurance (usually from £100 a year and ask for £5m as this is now the norm). Quite a few insurance companies offer suitable public liability insurance but do let The 50plus know if you help in locating a suitable provider.

The above details can be provided when completing the registration form in the 'any other information' section.

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You will receive an email acknowledgement from us on completion of the simple registration process. Once we've checked your application we authorise you as a Service Provider, allowing potential customer's to book you. Please note that only your initials and broad location are shown to customers. Your email, telephone number(s) and address remain confidential.

Existing Service Providers

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