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Welcome to Independence In Your Home

A service from The 50plus

50plus is working to introduce a range of services under the name of 'Modern Care' or 'Umbrella Care'. This will consist of services grouped under three main headers:

We hope to announce a service launch date in spring 2020. The existing Independence in Your Home services will be incorporated into the new service. In the meantime, the following information is available:

Contact us if you would like more information. Our offices are open during office hours and you are welcome to pop in, call us, email, WhatsApp or text.

Independence In Your Home is a service offered by The 50plus to the elderly, their relatives, carers and supporting agencies or others who may have particular needs.

The 50plus Independence In Your Home service makes staying in the home environment an easier choice through provision of a broad range of adaptation, maintenance and improvement services offering peace of mind to users and their families.

The service is structured to meet the needs of you the customer, so instead of having to decide about the type of help you need, we'll do our best to advise you. It is particularly useful for those:

  • Choosing to remain at home, perhaps instead of moving to residential care
  • Being discharged from hospital and requiring home adaptations
  • Requiring a little more help with general maintenance around the home.

We realise that independence is important for many people as they grow older and studies show that for the vast majority of people this includes a desire to live in their own home rather than moving into residential care. Adapting the home environment or receiving a little more help assists with safety and can provide additional comfort.

If you or a family member desires independence but find some of the tasks that much harder, then home adaptations, improvement and maintenance support may be of help. Some of the changes you make can be simple such as changing lighting to make knitting, reading or moving around easier. There are the classical adaptations such as changing a bath to a shower. Also todays widely available technology can be used to provide improved communication with family members, remote control of a broad range of items and/or improved security. 50plus Assurance Care provides non-intrusive sensors and an appliction so that family members can see via their mobiles that all is well with an elderly person. It is always worth asking, 'what can I do to make life that bit easier?'.


Independence In Your Home services include a broad range of advice, safety, independence and comfort services.

The Independence In Your Home service is available under four category headings. Mix and match the individual features to find the service that best suites the needs of you, your family or clients. 50plus can also supply customer specific services which may not be listed, just ask. Click here or anywhere on the image for more detailed information.

A number of services are free for Independence In Your Home members, including telephone advice and our anti-scam service. If in doubt call us. Pricing for all 50plus services can be found here. Prices are pre-discount. All Independence In Your Home members receive a 5% discount as standard and more on special offers, which are available from time to time. VAT free services are also available for eligible customers.