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And suddenly it’s autumn! Following the the ups and down of spring, summer came with a vengeance; six days over 30 degrees in the UK South East, followed by the inevitable rainstorms to break the heat cycle, then an unusually cold bank holiday. Despite the enforced time at home and the necessity for ‘flexible’ holiday plans, if indeed you holidayed at all, we find it’s time for the leaves to start falling and schools and universities to return.

Nothing is currently certain, except of course taxes. Many think they are on a one-way trajectory given the largesse of government this year. We won’t really know for a couple years and Brexit will complicate matters so the economists will be kept busy. In the meantime life must go on.

We started to launch 50plus Umbrella Care when we were hit by lockdown. So, a drawn breadth and…here we go again. Umbrella Care provides Practical Services (home repairs), technology – including monitoring and communication systems for the elderly and with partners, home care services. Read the article here (or via the left-hand menu) or do of course, call, email or if you are in the vicinity, pop into our head office for more information.

Nearly all of our 50plus services are back to normal but material shortages remain and will do into autumn. The mix of hot weather and heavy rain has caused some interesting issues ranging from the inevitable gutter problems to ground movement and thankfully superficial cracking. We’ve seen a surge in the use of ‘technology’ at home so we’ve been out with a few IT fixes but in general self-management with telephone support has been the case.

A good number of you discovered the delights of walking in the summer months. Here amongst the Chiltern Hills we are fortunate to have ‘Metroland’ on our doorstep. It’s quite amazing how many wonderfully discoverable idyllic footpaths there are in Beds, Bucks, Herts and the Thames Valley. Thank you to the numerous charitable and local authority bodies who maintain them; I’m sure they’ve been a heaven sent outlet for many this year. This edition of the magazine contains a number of photographs of these walks and our thanks go out to Issy Runswick who took the pictures. There are two on this page. There are more on the Lockdown Walks page.

We didn’t produce a summer magazine as we usually do for the obvious reasons but we are pleased to welcome back the contribution from COPAG back to this edition. There are a number of interesting letters from members about their experience of lockdown. Our thoughts go out to the many elderly who were and in some cases still are, isolating at home, it can be a small world.

Some charities and businesses, local to our head office and with whom we work, are shown below.





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