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Welcome to Spring 2020; a rather strange one. We have moved from a world of seemingly ever extending horizons to a situation where a significant proportion of our planets inhabitants and most of the UK are restricting movement to local shops and within a couple of miles of home, where many are ensconced for the duration. On the plus side Brexit has actually disappeared from the news agenda.

50plus is running an emergency service to keep our customers warm, bathed, with access to power and safe at home whilst being more than aware that quite a number are in the coronavirus higher risk bracket, as are some of our service providers.  The latest service information is available via the front page of our web site at www.the50plus.co.uk.

We think we will need to extend the service where possible to a number of outside jobs during the summer as for many of our gardening clients are elderly and can’t DIY!

So where do we go from here? Economically, the world’s governments are running up enormous bill for generations to come. Money is being virtually printed in copious quantities as states seek to keep some semblance of commerce and trade functioning to preserve business and jobs for the upturn whilst having to invest ‘what ever it takes’ sums in public services. Taxes will inevitably have to rise to start the long haul to balancing the books at some point in the future. Economists are busy running predictions for the future with a general consensus that there will be one but little detail.

Our personal view (as of early April 2020) is that it’s going to be at least three months of severely reduced activity level with a slow build back. We will resume normal business as soon as possible and get back to work on the services we planned to launch in spring but will now launch in the summer or autumn instead. Keep an eye on The 50plus web site to see what is going on. There some exciting developments in the pipeline.

Some businesses, local to our head office and with whom we work, are shown below.





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