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Theoretically it’s a winter month.  The weather thinks differently; it’s 10 degrees outside and its been wet rather than cold, although we are promised a couple of nights with temperatures below zero.  We can’t help thinking thats not a bad thing!  The good thing about the rain is that it has made our local rivers and streams, quite a few of which are ‘bournes’, meaning winterbournes or streams that run in the winter, have actually got water in them again after a long dry spell.  And that is definitely welcome.

The rain and wind has brought the expected roof leaks, gutter issues and downed fences but the warmth has meant fewer issues with heating.  As householders there’s always something. 

At 50plus we are continuing to look at how we organise and grow our services.  For all of you who completed our ‘Modern Care’ survey, we thank you.  The many replies were processed and digested and are being used to steer our services for the elderly.  We should have announcements to make by the time the next newsletter is due.  In the meantime there’s an article on using a very modern device, called a smart speaker to help the elderly.  

If you are a landlord, letting agent or tenant you should be aware that government is after some delay, introducing compulsory electrical testing for private let properties (practically any let except housing association / local authority).  We have included a short article and a link to the legislative information is here.  

Enjoy this issue of the magazine.  There are vouchers to win in the competition and discounts for Your 50plus members.  We look forward to hearing from you. 

50plus-keep warm this winter. Book in you annual boiler service

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