50plus Knowledge Centre

We have recently created The 50plus Knowledge Centre, an online resource of knowledge about:

  • Jobs you may ask us to undertake, or undertake yourself with guidance about what to consider before ordering or starting
  • How long jobs take (which can be translated into costs, which vary geographically)
  • Safety, rules and regulations
  • Some specific ‘how to’ guides
  • Technical information
  • What to do in various emergency situations.

The Knowledge Centre is arranged alphabetically so information is easy to find. Click here to find it.

In many cases you will find information about jobs arranged in a ‘question and answer’ format. Each shows the typical time to undertake the job, dependencies, questions to ask and comments addressing the particulars of the job.

We are adding to this resource regularly. If you would like to see a specific topic addressed or have any comments let us know at enquiries@the50plus.co.uk.