50plus Umbrella Care

50plus is launching Umbrella Care:

  • A high-quality service to enable elderly individuals or couples to remain independent in their own home
  • Offers large savings compared to residential / care home costs
  • A one stop shop; no need to procure from multiple providers
  • Bundled services or choose from a range of easy to use modern technology, practical help and personal care services

For care providers:

50plus Assurance Care: Unobtrusive monitoring of clients from your offices or staff mobiles. Proactive alerts if activity levels fall below the learnt norm. Provides activity, temperature and humidity monitoring. No cameras. Secure hosted service with no personal information held.

Technology Services to make life easier for clients, their family and carers:

  • Amazon Echo Alexa to enable you to simply ‘drop in’ to talk to clients without making a telephone call. Can be from an office based Amazon Echo or a mobile phone. Also enables clients to call family and friends, listen to the radio, get free audible books and much more, all with simple voice commands
  • Ring Door Bells: great for security and taking pressure off the elderly. Visual ‘who is at my door’ on a mobile or an Echo Show. Family or carers can also see who is at an elderly persons door and communicate with the caller. Ties into audio Alexa devises to enable the elderly occupant to talk to the person at the door from safety

50plus Practical Services: a wide range of plumbing, electrical, handy and more services to ensure property is maintained and looked after. Includes problem solving to ensure issues are addressed.

50plus Assurance Care and Technology Services are all available with installation and advise on requirements and practical implementation based on our experience.

For the elderly and their families:

  • 50plus Assurance Care
  • Technology Services
  • 50plus Practical Services
  • Plus 50plus working with care providers to get everything families need for care at home arranged under a single umbrella.

For more details and visit the web site at www.the50plus.co.uk or contact The 50plus to discuss requirements.