Do you live on your own? Are you concerned about having a fall or feeling unwell with no one about?

There are a number of solutions on the market that will give you peace of mind, but they often rely on you having the ability to call for help. If you leave the button on the table and you have a fall, faint or have a mini stroke and you are not conscious, those systems are of limited value.

Our company would like to introduce you to VEMS, an affordable system which automatically raises an alert if it thinks that you are not moving as much as it expects, but it has been built to cope with you having a snooze or going out to the doctor without getting ‘upset’.

VEMS does not ‘snoop’, it does not listen or record. It simply counts your movements and uses that to create a model of what to expect, then it compares your current activity against the model. It builds a separate model of the temperature and humidity in the house. Initially we did this to keep an eye on the cold temperatures of the winter, but over the last three years, the ‘House too warm’ alerts have already protected one of our customers twice!

One of the unique features of VEMS is that it sends the alerts to the mobile of the people you nominate as your contacts, and if they are a bit concerned about you, they are able to check on our mobile application the movement chart, and the temperature and humidity figures of the last 24 hours.

If you want to find out more, please contact The 50+ who are our main distributor.  The contact details are here.