Sending in Photographs of Work Required

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Photographs of the work required enables our wonderful field personnel to arrive with the correct parts and /or speeds up estimates which can often be provided over the phone when we have seen the work. A good way of 50plus seeing the work is to submit photographs to us.

What we need to see in submitted photgraphs is details of the work required set in context. Whilst close ups are wonderful we need:

(i) Photographs showing the whole area of the work required 

e.g – the room in which the work is in including the work area 

e.g. for external work the external part of the property the work is in including the work area

e.g. for works in the garden the area of the garden the work is in including the work area

(ii) Close ups of the work area.

Remember – we can zoom in on photographs to get to the area of work. We can’t zoom out if the surrounds are not there in the first place!