Storage Heaters – a short replacement guide

Days when you need heating – a foggy day on the Dunstable downs

Storage heaters heat up bricks overnight and release their heat during the day. Many storage heaters are reaching the end of their life. Fewer are being fitted as there is improved technology available in the form of electric radiators and the rationale for the use of off peak electricity, which is what storage heaters are designed to run on and which stems from the days of coal fired power stations, has diminished.

Replacing a storage heater

There are a number of points to consider when replacing a storage heater:

  • Is replacement economical? New storage heaters are far from cheap and in many cases, replacement with modern electric heaters such as oil filled electric radiators should be considered. This can be more economical for users and in the case of let properties, landlords. Replacing storage heaters with electric radiators usually needs some work on the electrical supply, often the fuse box / consumer unit. You can also consider infrared heating panels and ceramic heaters.
  • If you are replacing storage heaters it will probably pay to switch your electricity tariff to a standard (rather than economy 7 or 10) tariff. Economy tariffs typically have an oversized day cost for the use of power. Shop around.
  • In the UK, if you have faulty or inefficient electric storage heaters in your home and you receive state benefits, tax credits or guaranteed pension credit you may qualify for a grant to replace them.
  • Removal of the original heater. It’s necessary to remove the bricks before trying to lift a heater. Most heaters need a trolley or sack truck to move them.
  • If replacing a single supply storage heater with a new one a second 24/7 power supply will need to be provided as the new heaters need electronic controls to meet modern regulations.
  • Disposal will need to be via a Hippo Bag, manned waste collection or similar with the bricks taken to the bag separately.
  • A new storage heater will be delivered on a pallet, adjacent to the kerb only and with the bricks packed separately.

If you are considering replacing a storage heater do feel free to ask 50plus for advice. There is more information on storage heaters in the 50plus knowledge centre at