COPAG September Home Page

Hello and Welcome Everyone,

WOW!  What a year this has been for us all!  It makes you take stock, it also makes you feel humble when you see how many people volunteered to help others.  I myself have the greatest respect for them.  Especially two lovely ladies who live in Chartridge Lane; Pip and Jools, who were never put out when I not only needed shopping but took parcels to the post office, and also collected my prescription once a month!  There were also people around me who also helped out.  And, not forgetting my lovely Grandson Josh, who lives in Aylesbury, insisted that he wanted to do shopping for me once a week, and he did, happily.  Thanks Josh!  I’ve now started doing my own shopping and popping into the Tavern for lunch with Phil, Kate, and Jean Q.  It feels really good but at the same time I am also still cautious, and don’t spend too much time anywhere there are a lot of people.  If anyone has any interesting stories to tell while in lockdown then please let me know and we’ll publish them in our next newsletter….

I was treated to a lovely surprise picnic near Ivanhoe Beacon a few weeks ago.  My gorgeous Granddaughter Keira, and her brother Josh laid it on.  It was a lovely sunny day with lots to eat and drink and lots of lovely countryside to look at, with other people keeping their distance, it felt almost normal again.

Sadly, we have lost two of our members. [Not through Covid!] One of our long standing member’s; Hilda Smeed, and also David Carter.  Our sincere thoughts are with their families. RIP.

As things are at the moment I cannot advise when COPAG or the pub lunch or the tea parties will be starting up again, but please be assured that as soon as we can I will personally ring everyone.  Unfortunately these are unprecedented times and I believe it will be some time before we will all be together again.

It goes without saying that we must all be careful and still look out for one another.  Please keep safe and healthy, and know that you are all in my thoughts.

Love and Best Wishes,