The Puzzle Page

This time we are asking you to find “Nonograms”. ie. nine letter answers to the clues / definitions shown on the left below. The answers are to be made up of a set of three letters from column 1 plus a set of three from column 2 and a set from column 3. Do the obvious ones first and this will help solve the harder ones by a process of elimination. Good Luck!

Answers to the last edition’s puzzle

In the last edition of the Chronicle we asked you to decide what phrase or saying was represented by a number of items.
Here are our answers.

  1. Get up in the night.
  2. Nothing to write home about.
  3. Honour among thieves.
  4. Back to basics
  5. A spilitting headache.
  6. Singing in the rain.
  7. Kiss and make up.
  8. A return ticket.
  9. Good for nothing.
  10. Take over bid.