Did you know…..

50plus provides a broad range of services across a wide geography. Some of you know us for just one type of services so we thought we’d give you something of an overview or the ranges of services we offer.

The traditional 50plus Home Repair offer incorporates not only our plumbing, handy and electrical (PEH) works but also a wide range of other home maintenance and improvement services. There are now over 30 services available in some areas. Other than the PEH services some of the more popular include decorating, drain clearance, gas, bathroom refurbishment, fencing, gardening, roofs, gutters, windows external repairs and one that is very popular called problem solving which encompasses all manner of resolution of issues including home technology. Services vary by area. For details in your area visit https://www.the50plus.co.uk/50plus-help/display-coverage.php and enter your postcode.

We also provide a broad range of repair services for commercial clients including landlords plus the requisite testing and safety services for let properties. For more about these services visit https://www.the50plus.co.uk/50plus-commercial.php.

Our Umbrella Care services for relatives and carers of the elderly brings together the practical Home repair service with a range of technology based services designed to maintain independence for the elderly in their own homes. Read more about these services at https://www.the50plus.co.uk/50plus-umbrella-care.php.

If you are unsure about whether we can help you do ask; we don’t cut hair or repair cars (yes we’ve asked!) but we have resolved a broad range of issues for our customers. We look forward to hearing from you.