Pat Kent – Spotlight

How long have you lived in Chesham?

53 years     

What were your earliest impressions of the town?

Busy Town, wonderful Park       

What kind of shop would you like to see in Chesham, that it doesn’t already have?


If you had £1 million to spend on any aspect of improving the town, what would you spend it on?

 A Chesham Museum/ Visitors Centre

Which aspect of Chesham do you like the least?

Pot holes & uneven pavements   

If you could demolish one building in Chesham which, would it be?

None at the moment, but I think the M & Co building is most ugly       

What is your favourite part of the world, and why?

Cornwall – Beeches, Cliffs, Pasties, Memories        

What is your favourite biscuit/chocolate/crisp choice?

Peanut cookies/ Dark Chocolate / sea salt &  Black Pepper

What is your favourite place to eat out (doesn’t have to be local?

Blue Ball     

What is your favourite TV programme?

Gardeners World  

What items in technology confuses or frustrates you?


If you had one celebrity to pick as a companion for a long car journey, who would it be?

Ben Fogle