Home Improvement – LEDs and Lighting

The clocks go back on Sunday 28th October, marking the transition from sun-speckled autumn dusks to several months of dark nights. 

Lighting becomes crucial at this time of year.  George Clarke, the architect best known for his renovation series Restoration Man and Amazing Spaces, says to first start by replacing any old bulbs with LEDs, which are significantly more efficient but have shed their reputation for giving off a cold blue light.  

LED’s (light-emitting diode) is one of today’s most energy-efficient and rapidly-developing lighting technologies.  Quality LED light bulbs last longer, are more durable, and offer comparable or better light quality than other types of lighting.

LEDs consume less electricity.  They are also much cooler, reducing the risk of combustion or burnt fingers and they are made with epoxy lenses, not glass, and are much more resistant to breakage.

The days of standard bulbs are over – most now come in a range of different colour temperature, making the warmth of your home more malleable.  A lower temperature of about 2700k gives a warm white light.  LED bulbs can also contribute towards saving energy bills.  Click here to see the Energy Saving Trust article.

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Outdoor lighting in the darker months also is crucial due to safety and security for many reasons.  It can help to prevent slipping and failing along with deterring criminals and pests, but provide you with much needed light  when unloading the car on a winter night, for example. 

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