Working Later

As an Age Positive employer who has been around the best part of 20 years The 50plus has a good track record in employing personnel across a wide age range.

We have and a staff age span approaching 50 years. Our oldest member of staff is 70, and he is still delivering service to the 50plus customer base, some we are happy to say whom he first served some 15 years ago.

Society as whole is having to address how we support an increasingly ageing population without placing undue fiscal strain on the young. Politics inevitably comes into this, taxation policy raises it’s head as does pension age and the pressure on housing coupled with population growth and immigration. Elsewhere in this edition of the magazine you may read about equity release, a form of finance which allows the elderly with capital tied up in housing to release it, often to support younger family members. Providing a suitable environment for people to stay in employment really helps.

As an employer 50plus has had to consider how it treats our older members of staff and how to create a suitable environment. It’s not as simple as it may seem at first site. Older personnel have a wealth of experience which is still relevant today and indeed on many cases, experience which is (sadly) no longer taught. Technology marches slowly in property and in our field of service it is the technology to deliver the service which has changed the most, rather than the field skills required. Many 50plus staff are delivering jobs which require physical effort and bodies do deteriorate after a career spent bending and kneeling. So flexibility is required. In turn we always have to ensure that we offer customers the best value for money whilst supporting staff who wish to continue working. That requires flexibility in employment from both the employee and employer.

So thought and skill is needed in allocating jobs, ensuring that each job is looked at in turn of the skill set required. To do this we have to make sure the office personnel have access to the most modern technology.

It’s always a challenge but as we like to say – it’s all about the service.