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Welcome to 2019

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We hope you enjoyed the Christmas and New Year festivities and are looking forward to the year ahead. Hopefully it will be spring before we know it but there something attractive about a bright frosty morning that warms the soul if not the body.

In this edition of the magazine we reintroduce the popular ‘handy hints’ feature when each month we’ll look at what you need to consider and how to do some of the tasks we frequently encounter in the home. We hope you find it helpful. And do take note of the anti-scam message; sadly basic scams, frequently around roofs and gutters, still happen. 50plus runs a free advice line as part of our Independence In Your Home service. If in doubt call us and we’ll advise over the phone.

Technology in our houses is developing at pace with new gizmos becoming available several times a year, usually to control the far older technologies of heating, lighting and security. Some are useful such as remote or improved control of heating and security but frankly some are pure gimmickry; do we really need to have lights that one can turn on and off by voice other than when one can’t get to switches? The exercise of using the switch is actually good for you. There is an economic argument for a house where there are no switches and just voice control, as long a it’s future proofed and that would probably save on build costs – but only a little. But smart meters! I can see the argument for them (time of day charging, no need to employ meter readers) but making the public pay for what will on the whole benefit only the suppliers is a brass cheek; the public has saved far more just by switching to LED bulbs. We’ll run some updated articles on home tech in our handy hints section in coming editions.

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As always we are here to help; just call, send a work request via the web site, text or email. We look forward to hearing from you.

The 50plus Team

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