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Welcome to a brighter spring.

As once again the daffodils, primroses and bluebells appear and in turn make way for the summer plants, the world is slowly moving to a less carbon intensive future. Some of the changes such as the move to electric vehicles will have big impacts on our lives, some will be smaller. 

In the UK we are in the first throws of moving away from the use of carbon generating fuels for heating our homes. The plan is to use a number of differing technologies and improved insulation to reduce the carbon footprint of housing. It will be a long haul; present greener technologies only really work for ‘new builds’ as retrofitting new properties is not economically viable. That may change in time but it’s certainly some way off and the construction industry is yet to be brought ‘on-side’. Longer term solutions rely on lower carbon central facilities such as solar or wind generated electricity, centralised heat generation or (as will be tested) hydrogen as a replacement for gas. The road will be long and winding.

On a more practical note the use of energy saving LED lighting has gone some way to reducing power consumption in homes (and elsewhere). Sadly a great deal of confusion remains around the area of light bulbs so we include in this edition an article which explains lighting technologies and what to look for. We hope you find it useful.

We welcome a new section of the magazine – COPAG, the Chesham Over 50s Positive Action Group. COPAG sadly lost its magazine editor recently so 50plus has stepped in to produce a printed magazine and online edition. COPAG is part of a wider network of Over 50s Positive Action Groups and we will feature news and views from them in this and future editions.

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