Chair Report – April 2019 – Summer 2019 Articles

Greetings everyone,

As this is the first newsletter not put together by our faithful friend Chris Boulter, I would like to mention to you all, [including those who didn’t know him] what a truly wonderful person he was!  Chris passed away on 16th January, having gone into hospital the day before.

What a fighter he was!  With all his disabilities he just got on with life and wouldn’t say no to anything if it was in his power to do so.  He certainly had a thirst for life, and would help anyone out even though he was using a mobility scooter. We at COPAG miss him terribly.  He not only put together our Chronicle, he took the minutes at our committee meetings, booked our trips out, started our webpage with his good friend Roger Smith and took notes about the speakers or bands that we had at our Friday meetings so that they could go into the Chronicle. He was certainly a man of many talents, and this is just a small part of what he did in his life!  RIPmy friend.  You will be in our thoughts forever.

Unbelievably, two weeks later, still reeling from the loss of Chris, we then heard of the sudden death of our Treasurer; Patrick Arbuthnot! Patrick had been with us from the very beginning, and went on to be treasurer for many groups in and around Chesham.  A true gentleman of the old school.  He never wavered in his encouragement of us, even if we ourselves were unsure.  He would always show us the right path to take, in his inimitable way.  RIP Patrick.  You are sorely missed.

And to round this off, I have to tell you sadly that I lost my beautiful Rag Doll cat Louis on the 5thMarch.  He was a rescue cat, and I only had him for four years when the vet discovered just before Christmas that he had heart disease.  I was devastated!  I still am. As it was just me and him, we were extremely close.  He will also be in my heart and soul forever.

Sorry this has been a bit morbid, but I felt I should honour all their memories.

Here’s to sunshine and happiness….