Chesham Older People Action Group

Hello from Barbara 

Hello everyone, 

Hope you’re all having a lovely summer and not getting tired out with the grandchildren, even though they are treasures to have.  

After losing my beautiful cat Louis, it wasn’t in my heart to replace him because to me, he was a one off.  So earlier this year I decided I would have some budgies! My neighbour built me a large Aviary and I have four gorgeous budgies living in my lounge who constantly keep me amused.  Who needs TV when I can just sit and watch their antics! What is nice is that they have plenty of room to fly about and have fun.  

As you will see in this issue, a lot of us have been extremely busy weeding the streets and getting ready for the judging which was at the end of July.  Now all we have to do is sit and wait for the results which will be near the end of September (Oh the agony!) At one point some of us were being filmed by some young BBC apprentices, and we were invited to the drill hall in Chesham to watch the finished article.  Sadly I missed out on that as I was in Cornwall for a few days with my daughter.

Please keep healthy and happy – Barbara