Chesham Older People Action Group

A note from The 50plus: COPAG are expecting to start publishing their magazine again in Autumn 2021. The current content dates from winter 2020-21.

Hi Everyone,

I truly hope this finds you all in good health.  It’s a very trying time for everyone at present so I’d rather not dwell on everything that’s going on as we are overloaded with news, etc, practically 24 hours a day!  One thing I can report on, depending on circumstances, we cannot hold our monthly meetings until agfter June as the Community Hall is being used for giving the vaccines.  I must tell you that when the restaurants were open Phil, Kate, Jean Q and myself were at the Tavern tucking in at lunchtime.  My two favourite outlings were to Brazil’s to have breakfast – it was heaven! And to the Junction to have Tapas, which was out of this world (never having tried Tapas before, I’m hooked!)

We have lost one of our oldest members; Mora Walker, in early January.  She was 94.  RIP.

Please keep healthy and safe, and lets hope we can meet up again in the near future. 

For more information please contact me on 01494 786576.