Chiltern Voice

In February 2016 a team of local volunteers launched Chiltern Voice Community Radio station with a 7-day FM broadcast.  Following that they took a break, built a permanent studio and relaunched on Saturday 18th August 2018, when they went live again on 87.9 FM.

For the FM broadcast, there was live programming 18 hours a day packed with local information about the Chilterns’ community varying from the weekday ‘Breakfast Club’ to evening specialist shows which included Jazz, Country, Rock and on Sundays, lots of easy listening and local guests.  The 50 Plus’ own Roger Runswick was a guest on Drivetime and was able to tell listeners across the district all about the services they offer.  We were also delighted to support them with advertising and sponsorship. 

David Rees, Station Director for Chiltern Voice explains: 

“The whole team at Chiltern Voice have been working quietly since our first broadcast in 2016, to build a studio in the White Hill Centre in Chesham, enabling us to launch a permanent online radio station for the towns and villages which are a part of the Chiltern District, where we live and where we broadcast.

This 15-day broadcast in August 2018 has taken place at the same time that Ofcom (the Office of Communications) is considering the Chilterns as a potential area to launch a new full-time FM community radio station.  We have made Ofcom aware of our interest to do this.

We believe that many people joined us and tuned in online or on 87.9 FM, and helped us to have fun making real local radio from the Chilterns and for the Chilterns.”

The radio station boasts presenters of all ages from 13 to the retired and promises that now the temporary FM broadcast is over they will continue to make live programmes which you can hear on or via their own ‘Chiltern Voice’ app which is available for download to your phone or tablet.