Archived articles – handy hints and advice

Articles previously published in The 50plus Magazine providing hand hints and advice. Click on link to read.

How 50plus worked through lockdown 1

Lockdown walks

Employing the over 50’s

Has the chancellor, Rishi Sunak, pulled a masterstroke? 

Do you live on your own? Are you concerned about having a fall or feeling unwell with no one about? 

Accidents in the Home

Autumn Jobs around the Home 

Alexa – Smart Speakers – the benefits to the elderly 

Tips for Successful Decluttering – Summer 2019

Helpful Hints – Combi Boiler Top Up – Summer 2019

Helpful Hints – Lighting confusion explained – Summer 2019

Hidden Harm – Protect Those at Risk of Scams – Winter 2018-19

Prevent a common winter boiler problem – Winter 2018-19

Handy Hints – Shelving  – Winter 2018-19

Home Improvement – LEDs and Lighting – Autumn 2018

Handy Hints – Central Thermostats – Winter 2019 – 2020