Police officer Kevin Flint

Sadly, I’m going to mention another death that happened early this year, the death of PC Kevin Flint. PC Flint was killed in an accident on the way home on the A41 when his motorbike was in a collision with a parked car. I first met PC Flint during a time there were Neighbourhood Action Groups (NAG’s). I attended several meetings in which he was in attendance, representing the police in Chesham and nearby villages. My last involvement with him was at the Remembrance Day service, at the memorial in Chesham Broadway, on November 11thlast year 2018.

My wife and I, a friend and all COPAG members were standing outside Caf’e Nero, where there was a large crowd of people that day.  During the service our friend dropped to the ground, didn’t faint, and with help we got her back on her feet.  Someone in the crowd got her a chair from outside Nero’s to sit on. After a while she insisted on getting up from the chair to see what was going on, but within minutes she dropped again, at that point my wife went off to find a medic or first aider who could help. There was a very large crowd of people at the service, it being the 100thanniversary of the ending of WWI, and my wife couldn’t find any medical help. However she did see a very tall policeman, PC Kevin Flint and asked him for help, he checked my friend he was very kind and made sure she perfectly okay.  

My Wife and I unfortunately couldn’t be there so stood outside Chesham Police Station with a number of other Chesham residents to see Kevin Flint’s motorcade go by.

At April’s coroner’s hearing . Kevin was travelling home  on his motorbike when he was struck by a pheasant in his “upper Chest or throat”