50plus Assurance Care

Roger Runswick of The 50plus writes

As a side line to running The 50plus I’m a carer. My wife and I have (my wife’s) 95-year-old mother living with us, still relatively fit and well but needing that extra little bit of TLC.

We deployed Assurance Care (now part of 50plus Umbrella Care) so she had someone keeping an on her whilst we are out of the house. It means that the family (we have it on 3 mobile phones) can see she is up and warm and be alerted if that’s not the case. We run the system 24/7 but in our situation it’s the daytime that is important, when we may not be in.

  • We have the assurance that all is well and the knowledge that we will be notified if it isn’t
  • The person being cared for (our Mary as we call her) knows that someone is looking out for her. She finds it very reassuring.

The great thing about Assurance Care is that there’s no intrusion, no video, no sound and no prying. The monitor is a small unobtrusive box that contains movement, temperature and humidity sensors. It also means we can ‘see’ when a carer or the cleaners are in!

You need Wi-Fi in the home for it to operate. Interestingly I was giving a talk to an older peoples action group and found that some 85% already had Wi-Fi installed. There are solutions using the mobile networks for those who don’t have it.

In summary, it’s easy to use, simple to install, always available and provides ready assurance to both the carer and the person(s) being cared for.

For more information visit www.the50plus.co.uk.