Spotlight Profile for Sophie Whorlow (Chesham Library Manager)

How long have you lived in Chesham?  Since 1997 

What were your earliest impressions of the town? I liked the small market town feel; it isn’t just a suburb of London and has wonderful countryside on your doorstep

What kind of shop would you like to see in Chesham, that it doesn’t already have?  A few more clothes shops would be nice 

If you had £1million to spend on any aspect of improving the town, what would you spend it on?  I love the park so any money spent on that would be good 

What aspect of Chesham do you like the least?  Heavy traffic going through the town

If you could demolish one building in Chesham which would it be?  I wouldn’t like to pick out one in particular but some of the sixties rebuilds in the town centre are pretty ugly

What is your favourite part of the world, and why? Cornwall in the off season.  If I didn’t live here, I would like to live by the sea 

What is your favourite biscuit / chocolate / crisps choice? Plain dark chocolate 

What is your favourite place to eat out (doesn’t have to be local)?  Locally we like to eat at the Crown in Ley Hill quite a lot.  All-time favourite El Parador in Camden (sadly gone now).

What is your favourite TV programme?  I like a Scandi noir

What technology items confuses or frustrates you? The way anything you buy seems to become obsolete so quickly

If you had one celebrity to pick as a companion for a long car journey, who would it be?  Dave Allen (I know he’s dead but he was so charming and funny)