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Why maintain? (and how to avoid unexpected bills)

50plus sees a good smattering of problems needing more expensive solutions than would have been necessary has some basic maintenance been carried out.
The classic example of this is the dripping tap. Many of us live in hard water areas. If a tap starts dripping then fixing the drip quickly is a simple task. The cost will be the labour and a new washer (or in some cases a cartridge), nice and simple as long as the water can be turned off - so also maintain those stop cocks. If you fail to fix a leaking tap and allow it to constantly drip, the the valve seating will be eroded, especially in hard water areas and instead of a simple washer there's a good possibility a new tap will be needed. It's a classic case of spending a penny to save a pound.

  • Stop cocks and gate (usually red) valves: turn them from time to time and always wind them back a half turn from the fully open position, it helps to prevent seizure.
  • Bath and shower grout and sealant: let this deteriorate and the possibility of water appearing in unexpected and unwanted areas is high and in the worst cases flooring and joists can be damaged. 50plus has seen damage to the tune of several thousand pounds casued by faield sealant
  • Guttering: simple keeping your gutters free of build up of moss and general detritus helps prevent damp walls and in the worst case water entering the house and damaging ceilings and wall.
  • Decorations, particularly externally. leave it too long and wooden items such as windows, cills, bargeboards, facia and soffits may need replacing.

You will notice that the above examples have one thing in common: water. Water is great where it belongs and an great pain if it's where it shouldn't be. It's also typically expensive. Note that the general rule on insurance is that the original fault is not covered but subsequent damage is, but only where a lack of maintenance has not contributed to the cost. Failure to undertake maintenance can result in a claim being turned down.

NB - for the purists yes it is sometimes possible to grind down a tap valve seating with a tool designed for the purpose but once the water has eroded a deep enough channel even this wont work.

For more information on home and business maintenance, please contact us on 0845 22 50 495 or email


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