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Spring 2018


Spring 2018

Spring finally arrived in the second week of April following an Easter washout and with a temperature differential of 15 degrees Celsius compared with March. The fortitude of the early daffodils, buried in snow and then drowned, has been magnificent!
For 50plus the weather has meant delays to external works with anything involving painting, which needs a dry weather and typically a minimum temperature of around 8 to 10 degrees 'waiting on weather' a phrase typically used by personnel working in places like the North Sea, not land lubbers.
With the sun finally shining we shake off our albeit slight winter torpor and look to the year ahead. For those of you who responded to our recent survey on our proposed (provisionally titled) Independence at Home service thank you. Your feedback was most useful. We plan to launch the new service at some point in the summer. We are also talking to a number of charities and other providers of services and hope to include information from them in a new section on The 50plus website. The service will focus on advice, safety, comfort and independence. Support for those who are elderly or have other specific support needs has always been part of The 50plus service and we are excited about being able to increase the focus on this aspect of our work.
The lettings sector is another part of our business. It seems to be almost continuously beset by new rules and regulations and more are coming into force. In particular and we would urge landlords to read up on the changes in EPC regulations and their impact on heating in let properties and on the proposed electrical testing regime. Just check our features section. The former in particular can bite the unwary. We would urge landlords who have F and G rated all electric properties to look carefully at heating and hot water arrangements.
So here's to spring and hopefully a warm and dare we ask, dry summer! And by the way what possessed the BBC to start sourcing it's weather forecast from New Zealand. It's difficult to get the corporation to listen buy I smell the distinct whiff of political point making.

The image is a garden in Chesham, South East England, the town where the 50plus head office is located.


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