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About The 50plus

0845 22 50 495 or one of our local numbers or book online here.

Our mission

Our mission is simple, to provide a range of home and commercial repair and independence services and deliver them with reliability and the minimum of fuss. We know a thing or two about providing services, we have been in business since 2001. In a nut-shell, we are problem solvers.

Our vision is equally simple: to see the service rolled out across the UK. To find out about what's available in your area click here.

We are different - it's all about the service

50plus provides three core service ranges:

We have our own service providers in a number of areas, experts in our head office to provide support to customers and service providers and we take responsibility for the work undertaken. In the majority of cases we provide our customers with timed appointments. We also provide a broad range of specialised services, technical and practical support to both our customers and service providers. To put it simply: it's all about the service.

The booking platform

Our service delivery systems are designed to be simple to use, transparent in operation and easy to use. We have real people to talk to during business hours. Our platform enables customers to book locally based Service Providers.

What about charges for services? 50plus is very open and we publish most service charges. The listed charges include a margin for 50plus to facilitate the operation of the service, including people to take calls, manage service provision, check and support Service Providers and provide technical support, the operation of the IT platform and VAT on the 50plus margin.

Home repairs

50plus provides telephone and online service to enable you to book our registered Service Providers to get repairs made or improvements undertaken. If you go online you can see approximately where Service Providers are based, what their skill set is and what the charge for the selected service is. This allows you to choose which Service Provider to book through the platform and then does all the booking work and job notification for you. A copy of a job booking is emailed to you as well as the Service Provider.

To 'book a job' simply click here and follow the instructions. If you need assistance call during office hours. The on-line service operates continuously.

Once the job is complete you pay 50plus using a credit or debit card. The Service Provider is then paid by 50plus.

People needing or arranging care

The 50plus technology and independence services called 'Umbrella Care' are designed to enable elderly individuals or couples to remain independent in their own home. The service offers large savings compared to residential / care home costs and is a one stop shop meaning there is no need to procure from multiple providers. Bundled services are available or choose from a range of practical help, easy to use modern technology and personal care services. The services are also available to care providers.

To 'make an enquiry simply click here and follow the instructions or call during office hours.

Commercial and certification services

50plus commercial and certification provides a broad range of repair, maintenance and certification services to landlords and agents. 50plus will problem solve, investigate and report, repair, project manage and certify.

To make an enquiry call during office hours or contact us via a range of media.

Service Providers

We are keen to expand the base of Service Providers who can assist with the provision of service. Follow the instructions to register your interest.

Why 'The 50plus'

The 50plus part of our name stems from the initial concept of the company which set out to provide employment opportunities for the mature workforce. We provide services for customers of all all ages but focus on provision of services to the mature user, using our Service Providers, many whom are over 50 but have a wider age demographic. We continue to offer opportunities to the more mature and 50plus provides an excellent platform for Service Providers to work when and where it suits them, whilst supporting our customers, who can be of any age and both domestic and commercial.

Any questions? Feel free to click on 'contact us' and send an email or call us during office hours.

The 50plus Team