The 50plus

Work for The 50plus

We are on an exciting journey, rolling out our long established services across the UK.

Do you have spare time on your hands and want to work hours to suit you or to fill spare slots in your calendar? Would you like to work for us full or part time? The 50plus is seeking personnel to deliver its range of home repair and maintenance services. We know a thing or two about providing services; we have been in business since 2001.

We are different - it's all about the service

We are looking for handy persons (we accept it's usually handy men but we'd love some handy women), plumbers, electricians, gardeners and specialists who can help keep our 50plus clients happy in their homes. The work can be a top up to your main income or your primary business. It's often better paid than working on your own and there's a lot less paperwork to worry about. Join us, be appreciated, have some fun, work with a great team and get paid!

50plus provides a great platform for you

Service Provider requirements

Service Providers, qualifications wise:

Self employed Service Providers need public liability insurance, usually from £100 a year and ask for £5m as this is now the norm. Quite a few insurance companies offer suitable public liability insurance but do let The 50plus know if you need help in locating a suitable provider.

To initially register as:
- an individual Service Provider click here or
- as a company click here.

Registering does not obligate you in any way.

You will receive an email acknowledgement from us on completion of the simple registration process. We'll get in touch to complete a few more details. Please note that only your initials and broad location are shown to customers. Your email, telephone number(s) and address remain confidential.

Think you could manage a geographic area?

If you think you could manage a geographic area for 50plus, deploy local Service Providers, estimate jobs (with support from the 50plus head office) and build your own local 50plus branded business then we'd like to hear from you. 50plus provides the brand, marketing, advertising, billing, booking and back office systems and technical support. Either telephone our recruitment manager or send an email to our enquiries address. Full contact details can be found here.