The 50plus

Your 50plus club - free to join

0845 22 50 495 or one of our local numbers or create an account and join online here.


Your 50plus is a free to join membership club which provides benefits to customers of participating service providers including 50plus plumbing, electrical and handyman services. Apply on-line today by clicking here and setting up a 50plus account or call us during office hours. If you already have an account just log in and join.

Your 50plus was previously called 50plus HomeCare. Membership terms are unchanged and existing log-ins and passwords remain in use.

Your 50plus benefits include:

* Permanent 5% discount on 50plus
   plumbing, electrical and handy services

* Priority service for:

  • Boiler problems
  • Heating problems
  • Electrical problems
  • Drainage problems

* E-mail newsletter

* Free technical advice by telephone.


Please note that available services are dependent on our coverage. Not all services are available in all areas.Discounts apply to the published rates of participating 50plus plumbing, electrical and handyman service providers.

Exclusive offers are emailed to you and are detailed in our magazine.

How much does Your 50plus membership cost?

Nothing - Your 50plus is free to join.

What can I order at discounted rates?


Club members benefit from a wide range of 50plus services at discounted rates including:

  • Plumbing works
  • Electrical works
  • Repairs and refurbishment of showers, bathrooms and kitchens
  • Handyman works such as fixing curtain rails, hanging doors, external repairs.

And more.....

What can I order in addition?


Club members also benefit from substantial discount on larger 50plus works. That's a big saving on a new bathroom or kitchen or updated electrical installation.

Your 50plus will also...


Provide unbiased advice

Let you know of special offers that are exclusive to Your 50plus members.


If something does go wrong then 50plus provides a priority service for Your 50plus members.


Advice on condensation issues , a particular problem is the autumn (fall) and winter. There's good basic advice from NHBC available here.

Just call us on during office hours.


We'll endeavour to get to you within 24 hours (excluding weekends) of you calling us during business hours if you have:

  • Boiler problems
  • Heating problems
  • Electrical problems
  • Drainage problems

We book appointments by the hour so you'll know when we are coming. And we'll always do our best to get you as soon as possible in the case of a real emergency. If you prefer you can also contact us on-line at

0845 22 50 495 or one of our local numbers for more information

If we haven't listed what you'd like do call and ask. We are always happy to provide advice.