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The cost to repair or replace a storage heater

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What are we talking about?

How long does it typically take to repair a storage heater?

Typical time

1 hour to fault find, another one to two hours to repair

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Age (typical life span 10-15 years), availability of spares

Questions to ask

Exact model, age if known, if other storage heaters are working, if house is all electric as water heating will also be electric and offer a guide to the problem


Storage heaters repairs range from the straight forward to the impossible due to the age of the heater. Many need cleaning before repair as they attract dust. Pre 1974 models (unusual due to life expectancy) may contain asbestos. Read the article here for detailed information.

Storage heaters are essentially thermal bricks with heating elements inside them. The heavy bricks retain the heat, releasing it slowly. If a storage heater needs to be replaced allow for the following costs: a replacement heater, delivery (on a pallet) making location important, dismantling the old heater, taking it outside piece by piece, placing in waste collection bag or similar and paying for collection, getting the replacement inside and assembly, reconnecting cabling. Three to four hours is a typical time for these tasks and two people may be required for some of the time.

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